Sunday, 9 February 2014

I Dislike Boys & Home Chores By Default: This Is Why

Don't judge me! In fact, don't try to crucify me when I say, I dislike men. I have never been raped. I have never been molested or abused physically but it irritates me so much when I see my poor mother work tirelessly all day selling commodities and just to get back home to resume wifely or motherly duties. 
I often ask myself, why is the world so circled around men? Why do they get all the pampering? They get triple the size and quantity of food, women spent hours cooking. 
About me and my family
My family is a small one. A family of six but lost one, a few years ago. We have a daily household routine and it seems to work out well except that I loathe every bit of it.
My mother works at a local shop and runs a small private business selling commodities such as toiletries and underwear garments. After a busy day at work, she rushes to the market, many times by herself or sends me on that errand, all to to cook a lovely two-course meal for the family at night. 
My days are not as tight as mum, except that when I arrive home from school, I have to do a lot of tidying, sweeping, washing and cleaning of dishes. Who else would do it anyway? I am the firstborn and first girl of the family. After every meal, my mother and I clear away and wash up all dishes.
Unlike us, my father arrives home from work, much earlier than us. Sit by the fireplace with his feet in the air and with sets of newspaper and magazine. He purrs every page like a pretty cat looking for a treasured locket. He is a nice, handsome looking man who appreciatively eat mum's meal but he retires to bed by 9pm every night with no deal of assistance. 
This is how we live daily, day in day out but anger is beginning to breed inside me somewhere. If not for the African culture and training, I would have love to scold my father and question him. May be I will, one of these days, asking to help us clear the table, wash up and let my mum do the resting. I know he would be more than shocked or probably find the right size of slap to bring me back to my narrow space but I would leave that for later. 
What is particularly annoying is that my younger brother is taking soothe. He comes back from school. leaves his dirty socks on the chair, unpack his bags and goes about running like a wild dog while my little cute young sister goes about doing her bit of home chores. 
I love my father and my cute family but I don't seem to understand this unfairness in the home. My mom sees nothing wrong with this. She even scolds me when I complain but I can't keep this anger silent anymore. I can't seem to understand this and I need someone to tell me, if this is right and why it is right. If not, what can I do to make it right. 
"Katie"-Not Original Name